Erectile dysfunction from diagnosis to treatment

There are countless myths and half-truths circulating around for erectile dysfunction. Here you find medically reliable and comprehensive information on all important questions regarding erectile dysfunction.

Expert tip: Erectile dysfunctions are early warning signs

Would you have thought that erectile dysfunction could have an advantage? In fact, they are an extremely valuable early warning sign for detecting cardiovascular diseases. In far more than half of men with coronary heart disease, heart attack or stroke, there have been recurrent erectile dysfunction in the 24 months prior to the event. In other words: The examination of erectile dysfunction can safe lives. A current study of the Institute for Erectile Dysfunction shows that in 4 out of 10 cases computed tomographic angiography (CTA) for the diagnosis of erectile dysfunction provided previously undiagnosed findings such as arteriosclerosis or bulging of the abdominal arteries.

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What is erectile dysfunction?

What do physicians understand by erectile dysfunction? How many men suffer from erectile problems? And when do they speak of erectile dysfunction at all? Here you will find the answers to these and other questions on erectile dysfunction.

Was ist erektile Dysfunktion?

Test erectile dysfunction

With this test you can easily find out if there are any serious indications of a pathological erectile dysfunction in your body. This test is based on the scientifically recognized IIEF-score.


How do erections occur?

The erection of the male limb seems so simple. In fact, a highly complex interplay regulates the hardening of the penis. At that the brain, blood vessels and nerves play the most important roles.



In contrast to what is often read, erectile dysfunction rarely has psychological causes. Studies demonstrate that up to 90 percent of all erectile dysfunction can be explained organically. However, these causes for erectile dysfunction are highly diverse.



Only the correct diagnosis paves the way for the most promising treatment. Below you will find an overview of the most important diagnostic procedures for erectile dysfunction.


Drug therapy

Viagra and Co. still play the most important role in the drug therapy for erectile dysfunction. Other common forms are intracavernous auto-injection therapy (ICI) and transurethral applications (MUSE).


PDE5 inhibitors

They play an essential role in the therapy of erectile dysfunction. However, PDE5 inhibitors (Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, Spedra) are by no means suitable for all men, as taking them can be associated with side effects and because they may not have sufficient effect if circulatory disorders exist.


Stent implantation

Most people know the term stent in the context of heart diseases. What is little known however is that stents are becoming more and more established in the therapy of erectile dysfunction.


Shock wave therapy against impotence

Shock wave therapy for erectile dysfunction can permanently cure men of impotence. However, part of the truth is that this treatment approach is not suitable for all men with erectile problems.


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