Bundled competence against erectile dysfunction

The treatment approaches for erectile dysfunction are as diverse as the causes. Therefore, the Institute for Erectile Dysfunctionworks with an interdisciplinary team of proven experts. Together, these physicians offer highest quality in the diagnosis and treatment of erectile problems – from the beginning. Thus you benefit from a holistic treatment approach. The experts complement each other - and together find the best solution for your erectile problems.

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Founders of the institute for erectile dysfunction

Prof. Dr. med. Nicolas Diehm, MBA

clinical and interventional angiologist; pioneer in stent implantation for erectile dysfunction. As an internationally renowned expert, he is at the forefront in angioplasty treatment of erectile dysfunction. Prof. Diehm is the founder and co-owner of the vascular institute in Mittelland.


Dr. med. Martin C. Schumacher

The urologist Dr. med. Martin Schumacher researches, among other things, together with Prof. Diehm innovative approaches for the therapy of erectile dysfunction. He works at the Hirslanden-Clinic Aarau and is the Chairperson of the Medical Council, there.


PD Dr. med. Hak Hong Keo, M.Sc.

The Swiss PD Dr. med. Hak Hong Keo is a leading expert in the diagnosis and treatment of vascular diseases. Together with Prof. Diehm he is the founder and co-owner of the vascular institute in Mittelland in Aarau.


Dr. med. Christian Regli

Dr. med. Christian Regli grew up in Zofingen (Canton of Aargau). As specialist in Angiology and Internal Medicine he is one of the most sought-after experts for vascular medical diagnosis and treatments in Switzerland. He, too, is one of the founders and co-owners of the vascular institute in Mittelland.


Dr. med. Dagmar Schumacher

The German-Swiss Dr. med. Dagmar Schumacher is specialist in Urology and Fellow of the European Board of Urology. She represents the Institute for Erectile Dysfunctionin Baden-Dättwil.


Prof. Dr. med. Markus Béchir

Specialist in General Internal Medicine and Intensive Care Medicine runs the center for Internal Medicine at the Hirslanden Clinic in Aarau. Previously, he was chief physician at the Swiss Paraplegic Center and senior physician at the University Hospital of Zurich.


Collaboration partners

Cantonal Hospital Aarau

Prof. Dr. med. Stephen Wyler (chief physician in Urology), Dr. med. Tilmann Möltgen (senior physician) and Dr. med. Philipp Grimsehl (assistant medical director) represent the Institute for Erectile Dysfunctionin the Urology of the Cantonal Hospital.

Hirslanden Clinic (Urology)

PD Dr. med. Marco Randazzo and Dr. med. Karim Saba are experts in operative urology and work as attending physicians at the Urology center at the Hirslanden Clinic Aarau.

UroZentrum Zurich

Dr. med. Urs Bangerter and Dr. med. Philipp Grimsehl are experts in operative urology. They practice in their own medical practice in the medical center UroZentrum Zürich, at the Hirslanden Clinic Aarau and at the private clinic Bethanien.

Dr. med. Karl-Michael Essig

Erectile problems often occur simultaneously with heart problems. They are even an early warning sign of cardiological complications. The cardiologist Dr. med. Essig (Medical practice Baden) clarifies these connections at the highest level with a specialist.

St. Anna Lucerne (Urology)

PD Dr. med. Frédéric Birkhäuser and PD Dr. med. Pascal Zehnder are experts in operative urology.  They practice in their own medical practice in the medical center Lützelmatt of the Clinic St. Anna in Lucerne.

Prof. Dr. med. Lorenz Räber

The cardiologist is senior physician for Interventional Cardiology at the Inselspital, University Hospital Bern. As interventional cardiologist, Prof. Räber contributes with his clinical and scientific work to progress in catheter treatment for heart diseases.

Dr. med. Christoph Schmidt

The former chief physician of the Cardiology Clinic Barmelweid practices at the Gesundwerk Aarau. One of his focuses are anxiety disorders of the heart, which are a rare but possible cause of erectile problems.

Dr. med. Martin Schmidtpeter

At the urology practice Lenzburg Dr. med. Martin Schmidtpeter is the practicing specialist in urology. Since 2014 he has also been the assistant medical director at the clinic for urology in Aarau.  Dr. Schmidtpeter studied, among others, at the University Hospital Zurich.

Dr. med. Christoph Cantieni

Dr. med. Cantieni is specialist in urology and surgery. He runs the urology practice Ringstrasse in Olten and is attending physician at the Hirslanden Clinic Aarau. The Swiss completed his studies in Zurich.

Dr. med. Heinz Schönhofen

The Radiology Center Baden is one of the most modern radiological institutes in Switzerland with the largest expertise in Europe for imaging diagnosis of erectile dysfunction by using computer tomography, magnetic resonance imaging or ultrasound.

Gabriela Kirschbaum

Since 2001, the sexual therapist has been empathetically and pragmatically counseling men, women and couples in all sexological matters. Most clients have a more fulfilled sex life after just a few sessions. As a couple therapist she assists couples to experience (again) more closeness and intimacy.

Your partner for the treatment of erectile dysfunction

Video (German): Prof. Dr. med. Diehm on the subject of erectile dysfunction

Would you like more detailed information in advance? Watch the following video. Prof. Diehm gives an overview of causes and treatment of erectile dysfunction.

Do you have questions?

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